Innovation As A Video Production Company - Video Production

You know when you find a quote that just speaks to you, and you think “I should either tattoo this across my chest or maybe apply it to my business?” That happened recently with this one:

“Innovation is solving a problem before your competitors realize it exists.”

First off, apologies for the lack of citation, as I cannot remember which tweet, business book, or inspirational LinkedIn post included something along the lines of that wisdom. All I know is that the thought hasn’t left my head for a month or so. I made the decision not to permanently ink it on my body, but instead we have been asking/ considering/ discussing the following thoughts constantly:

  • Is Genius House innovative or are we just like every video production company?
  • What pain points do our customers face that we do/ can help solve?
  • What problems will exist for brands regarding video content in the future?
  • What companies/ industries currently have little content and why? Will they be ready to tell their story down the road?

The essence of Genius House is a social media/ digital-minded company, so we naturally try to keep content fresh, story-driven and consumable. Right now this means short, compelling, subtly branded video. It also means product videos that highlight features quickly and animated videos that help communicate complicated messages and make them memorable. In this sense, we are doing what many other production companies do, but we also understand that as the web becomes a more video-centric space, video content needs are growing exponentially. Our customers and potential clients not only need high-quality content, but will continue to need larger and larger quantities of it. This need is going to increase as platforms grow and audiences become more picky, distracted and savvy. Brands are vying for attention, and video is the ideal way to spend quality time in front of current customers and win over prospects.

When our clients ask for a simple “About Us” video, we look at a day or two of filming as an opportunity to complete their top priority project, and also to find other content opportunities. The thought is: Let’s get this 90 second general video knocked out beautifully for you, but let’s also create some short beautiful pieces for your social media platforms. So, being generally digital-minded, and ROI- focused are differentiators for our company, but the question is what are the future video pain points that we can help solve?

We believe there will be opportunities for live streaming, virtual reality applications, social video strategy consultation, and building robust libraries of video content for companies. Maybe even longer form video if you can imagine that. We feel that keeping partnerships and agreements simple and fair will allow us to do what we do best, create tons of awesome videos rather than deal with copyright issues and expenses. In the future, brands will need a partner they can lean on to help them continuously tell their story, in a creative, uncomplicated way without spending a fortune. There are a number of B2C brands doing this well, sharing their ethical standards, employee culture, and surprising and delighting customers on screen. In the future, we will see a lot more creativity coming from the B2B space, with video styled in a more personal and authentic way. This will be an exciting time for software, construction, and financial industry marketers who are ready to do some out of the box thinking.

Long story short, we are working on tactics to become a long term super valuable partner, rather than a one off vendor. I am not saying we’re trying to “disrupt” the video production industry, but we are working on solutions to make it simpler for clients to get exactly what they need.