How To Budget For Video In 2017 - Video Production Budgeting

The social web, digital experience, and content world is becoming increasingly video-centric and marketers need to get ahead of the game. Like now. Instead of starting off 2017 scrambling to generate content, why not dedicate time in the final quarter of 2016 toward putting together a well thought out plan? Ideally, this is already happening among marketing departments looking ahead at strategy, but why does video seem to get left behind in this conversation?

The advertising buzzword you often hear (and we admittedly overuse) is storytelling. Tell your brand’s story, Millennials are drawn to the ideals behind a product, use social media to share your company culture, publish imagery that exemplifies your story, blah, blah, story, blah. Don’t get me wrong, we do believe in this, but the question is how does one accomplish it? What kind of budget should be allotted to video? How does video integrate into a marketing plan?

Here’s our answer. You DO need to share your story, but you also realistically need to showcase your product, service or company. Let’s do both, with numerous awesome videos, affordably.

You need low production cost, with high production value, and plenty of quality video content to distribute. At Genius House, we want each client to get multiple uses out of our productions. We have worked with nonprofits that needed a broadcast PSA, and got additional concise cuts and compelling interviews to use for digital marketing and events. We have worked with apparel brands that have put together a photo shoot, and asked us to join them across the country to capture lookbook style content with graphics added in post production to call out features. The key is foresight, planning, open communication, and leveraging resources. The other key is simple: film a lot of stuff, edit and deliver throughout the year.

The Genius House team is an ideal video partner with the promise to keep your numerous video needs and budget in mind as you prepare for 2017. Let’s spend some time together this fall and winter and talk about taking your video content marketing to the next level. Send us a message, we will be so excited to hear from you.