New Year, New Social Media Strategy - Video Marketing Strategy

First, a confession: Genius House has been guilty of putting social media on the back burner just like many, if not all, growing businesses. It’s easy to defend, as client work came first and the extra time and energy to market ourselves on all the platforms was just not there. We knew for a fact that social media works, but we were just too busy getting shit done to fully commit.

But now it’s a new year and time to throw out the excuses.

The key ingredients of social a social strategy.

The key ingredients of social a social strategy.

Next, a solution: Stop stressing and strategize. We started with an objective, and avoided the simple notion of selling videos and social media services. Though that is our overall marketing goal, we felt that social media requires an appropriately aligned objective:  Be different. Be knowledgeable. Be fun. All while telling the Genius House story.

After that simple step, content ideas began to flow, which turned into a fun brainstorming session. Some of these concepts included targeted localized content, parodies, educational videos, and a new in-house concept called “Fun Friday Photo + Film day.” (You’ll see).

Then it was time to come up with a streamlined activation plan. How can we save time, work as a team and effectively utilize social media for Genius House Media? The answer is new procedures, an upgrade to a more robust platform, a set marketing budget, and most importantly, assigning responsibilities.

Boom. Now here we are with a new plan, a fresh blog post, an accountable team and an increasingly active social media environment.

Your takeaway: don’t forget to start with a simple strategy. Happy 2016, genies!