Publishing Is The New Marketing - Marketing Content Strategy

With so many bullshit buzzwords going around, it was easy to fall in love with the simplicity of this statement:


I fell in love with it and then  published it. On Instagram, Twitter and now here on the Genius House blog. The irony.

So what does it mean, other than I enjoy chalkboard typography? It essentially defines content marketing. It explains that brands should be creating and sharing pictures, videos, information and stories in order to acquire customers. More importantly, the question many people probably have, is why? The reason is pretty simple. It’s what people want to consume. As humans, we are fascinated by stories and driven by emotion. So, if a brand can tell a story with a picture or make someone laugh, they have created a connection. It’s what consumers are starting to expect. And consumers are starting to ignore perpetual promotional content.

So, the emotional connection and Genius House story here is that we feel fortunate. It’s a fun time to be a consumer and an even more fun time to be a content creator. To be able to apply human-ness, wit, and sentiment to our writing and video content and then publish it… well, we are just #blessed.