Social Analytics & Action Plan - Social Media Marketing

Because I made an oath to practice what I preach (and because we’ve been snowed in among the frozen DFW tundra the last few days), I decided to make good use of cabin fever time compiling a Genius House Media online analytics report. Measurement is an imperative part of content marketing that we provide to our clients, so why would we skip over this step as we market ourselves? Below are a few notes on how Genius House Media’s content performed in the past 28 days.


Paid posts received 90% higher reach (people who see the post) than organic.

Sentimental “giving thanks” (paid) post also dramatically increased engagement.

Likes also increased by 2% during days following promoted posts.

Conversational posts and timely responses increased engagement by 50%.

Audience is primarily online 12 pm – 8 pm Sun through Fri.

Action Plan:

—Boost/ Promote post min 1 per week

—Create targeted ad through Dec 20

—Always include photo or video along with copy

—Prompt responsiveness to comments


Current audience is interested in business, tech, comedy, and leadership.

Location is primarily DFW (51%), Columbus (5%) NYC (4%).

Short posts with clever content + tagged handles receive the most link clicks.

Action Plan:

—Tag influencers in relevant posts

—Target prospects outside of DFW

—Search video and social keywords and offer advice daily- create hashtag campaign around #AdviceOnTheHouse #NoStrings

Google Analytics

There were 198 visitors in one month  (avg 7 visitors per day).

Top sources:

-Facebook 34%

-Direct 28%

-Google 14%

Home page had highest pageviews, about and blog posts followed behind.

Action Plan:

—Continue relevant and timely blog posts like this one

—Complete Genius House video reel and include metadata to improve SEO

–Ask audience for ideas on how to increase website traffic and conversion