Steps To Hiring & Working With A Video Production Company

While every project is different, it’s important for a production company’s clients to have a grasp of the general workflow from the first meeting, to putting together an estimate, to final video delivery. Looking for a video production company to partner with can be daunting, but at Genius House, we want potential customers to feel knowledgeable and comfortable discussing their familiarity with video production, overall business goals, objectives, and budget. Below are a few common questions and an overview of the steps to hiring a video production team/ creating video content.

How involved do I need to be if I hire a production team?

Typically, projects fall into one of the following categories, or end up as a blend of both.

-Turn-key Production– A client comes to us with a need but prefers to avoid in-depth involvement in the majority of the production details. This full-service option includes conceptualizing, script writing, talent searching, and all production steps handled by the Genius House team. Communication with the client is consistent, but the heavy lifting is handled by the production team. Essentially, the client is able to choose which steps he or she would like to be involved with.

-Collaborative Production – Often times clients or creative agencies come to us with a clear vision, a finalized script, storyboard, and the ability/ desire to handle logistics and coordination of a shoot. We work together on many aspects of the production, but are happy to follow the established creative direction. Our high-quality production equipment, technical filming and motion graphics/ editing expertise are distinctly sought after in this scenario.

How much does it cost to create a video?

The costs involved in video production can vary depending on a number of variables including timeline/ turnaround, length, number of videos (we offer a bulk discount for long-term partners), voiceover/ music, anticipated shoot days, animation, and editing hours. This is why the first discovery steps are crucial so that we fully understand the scope of a project before putting together a quote. It is always helpful if we are given a budget so that we can make sure to work a proposal into that established range.

What are the steps to video production?

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  1.     Initial Call / Meetings – Let’s get to know each other. At this time Genius House learns about goals and objectives of video project(s).
  2.     Project Outline Established – Via email or additional calls, Genius House is able to gather the expected deliverables, deadlines and additional details.
  3.     Estimate / Proposal – Genius House provides a quote for video production project.
  4.     Negotiation/ Contract – Genius House and client work together and sign agreement. For first-time clients a partial payment is invoiced up front.
  5.     Pre-production – Client provides branding assets, Genius House works to coordinate shoot, creates storyboard/ shot list, meetings take place to confirm details.
  6.     Filming or Animation work – Shoot day(s)- sometimes on location chosen, sometimes in the studio, or motion graphics done behind the desk.
  7.     Editing – Takes place at Genius House Media with check ins to client with progress.
  8.     Revisions – Client receives draft, gathers feedback, and sends revisions if needed.
  9.     Delivery – Video / videos are provided to client and final invoice is sent.
  10.     Video distribution strategy/ consultation is available to Genius House clients.