At first glance, our approach seems straightforward - a talented team with high quality gear. However, the secret sauce that turns clients into long-term partners is our digital insight and agility. This expertise creates efficiencies in the production process that keep costs down and quality up. On top of that, our culture of humor and lightheartedness keeps things authentic.

Our ideal partners are tired of being overcharged, tired of an inconsistent product, and want more engaging content. It doesn’t matter which of the following services you need; our job is to be a reliable partner that creates videos you can leverage immediately.

About Storytelling Videos

We specialize in putting brand & product stories on display in a way that can’t be ignored. No matter what form this takes, and no matter what industry you’re in, if you’ve got a story to tell then we’re excited to turn it into engaging video content you can leverage across multiple channels.

About Branded Content Videos

Marketing teams across all industries know that content is king, and no content has been proven to drive more engagement than video. We create branded video of all kinds and make it possible for brands to engage their audiences, whether their goals are to educate, drive awareness, or close sales.

About Animation Videos

From highlighting product features to educating your audience, animation & motion graphics make the complex simple. We have years of experience creating both fully-animated videos as well as creating animated segments that support a larger video piece.

About Product Videos

Compelling product video should create a stronger connection with customers and allow you to truly stand out. Our team creates video that highlights features and communicates complex differentiators in a way that engages & educates your ideal targets.

About Broadcast Commercial Videos

From outdoor gear producers to high-end apparel brands, broadcast commercial work is our bread & butter. We take the same storytelling mentality that fuels all the videos we produce and apply it to large-scale broadcast commercial projects to create unique brand experiences that will compel your audience to engage with you.

About Testimonial Videos

Nothing communicates your value to your audience quite like high-quality testimonial videos. From the interview to the edit, our team has the expertise to create compelling testimonial video that highlights your unique differentiators while capturing the organic tone that makes testimonials feel authentic.

About Social Media Content Videos

Most businesses understand the value of producing a steady stream of fresh & engaging social media content, but not many know how to get it done. At Genius House, we have unique social media expertise that allows us to take large video shoots and extract bite-size pieces of social media content that you can leverage across any and all of your channels.

About Drone/Aerial Videos

Whether you’re looking to capture the sunset over a city or overhead shots of active work areas, our drone & aerial video capabilities can take your end product over the top. Our team has years of experience with drone videography and can provide breathtaking video in crystal-clear 4K.

About Apparel & Lookbook Videos

Creating a successful lookbook requires much more than great products. At Genius House, we have deep experience executing apparel lookbook projects for brands ranging from rugged outdoor gear to high-end fashion. We know exactly what it takes to aspirationally engage a viewer while also ensuring they can see themselves in your unique products.

About In-Studio Videos

As much as we love on-location shoots, we also offer a 1400-square-foot studio space that can be adjusted to fit the needs of virtually any client. From product shoots to green screen-heavy productions, our in-studio capabilities can get the job done.

About Non-Profit Videos

Our team is passionate about partnering with non-profit organizations and charities to create content that helps them achieve their goals. From fundraising to awareness, we know exactly how to create video content that moves the needle for groups making a real difference in the communities around us.