5 Types of Video That Get Social Engagement & One That Doesn't

Social media is where people establish and maintain friendships, share news and opinions, post selfies, support and encourage others, make plans, and simply entertain themselves. Consumers spend countless hours every day experiencing emotions from empathy to jealousy and amusement on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. These platforms thrive on emotions, curiosities, a desire to share and a fear of being left out. Despite this, marketers and brands often ignore the facts when creating and sharing video on social media. In order to be seen, every video must be created with social media in mind. The bottom line is if you’re a brand, a social video strategy is an excellent opportunity to show that you’re also human.

A key component of an effective video strategy is making sure that your content fits into one of the following five categories that work. And not the one that doesn’t.

1. Funny – Is there a better feeling than sharing a laugh with a friend? Branded video that’s witty and relatable is priceless when it comes to social media. It takes courage to go out on this limb but is rewarding in terms of views, likes, shares and positive engagement. The difficult but crucial part: being funny and not trying to be funny.

2. Behind the Scenes – The best way to illustrate that you’re human is simple: show the personalities behind the brand. Customers who are researching your product or service want to see faces, not just advertisements. Proactively providing this type of video on your social platforms is an effective way to build trust.

3. Epic Shots – People are constantly looking for the next interesting video to share. To state it simply: awe-inspiring GoPro footage, drone shots and slow-motion videos get views. There are ways to create astounding imagery in your videos without spending a fortune, but it often does require some specialized equipment.

4. Storytelling – Stories are how we make sense of the world. Humans naturally relate to stories and crave the emotions generated by conflict and its resolution. Your fans have stories to tell about your brand – you just have to find them. Even a well-produced video testimonial can tell a compelling story.

5. Demonstrates Core Values – Instead of telling your audience what you believe in, show them. Does your business support a specific charity? Does your company culture embrace entrepreneurship? Do you truly encourage work life balance? Video is an incredible medium to illustrate these ideals.

And the one category that doesn’t get views, shares or likes? Direct advertising – Trying to sell something on social media, where people prefer to socialize, makes people angry. Instead, give them useful, funny and entertaining branded videos.