#DFWomen - Empowering Women in DFW

A beautiful thing just happened on Twitter. A group of women with the common desire to empower each other while strengthening (or building?) the alliance between Dallas and Fort Worth started something called #DFWomen.


Maybe right now it’s just “some thing” that is starting with a monthly lunch. But with the immediate support over a simple yet exciting idea from several of DFW’s brightest, it seems this will become something bigger.

The initial game plan:

  • Monthly lunch somewhere between Dallas & Fort Worth.
  • No agenda other than empower each other to reach ambitions, discuss challenges, and relate.
  • Enjoying yourself is required. Alcohol is optional.
  • Inclusive and evolving- Any age, profession, education, sex, etc is welcome. Feel free to share this group.
  • Respond below or email with ideas.
  • Respond below with your email or notify colleen (at) geniushousemedia.com if you are interested in joining the empowering monthly lunches.

P.S. Thank you Sheryl Sandberg for the inspiration via Lean In. We look forward to having you at a #DFWomen lunch.