Bob Dylan's Digital Video Tips

When Bob Dylan sang “The times they are a changin’,” he was obviously talking about digital media in 2019. At Genius House, we follow Dylan’s guidance like a rolling stone, constantly evolving with the digital landscape and adapting to client needs. We suspect this is why many of our hit video projects turn into long-term partner anthems.  

When it comes to video tips, there are classics that endure time as well as new hits that are equally important to listen to.

The Classics:

  • The subject - Whether it is an interviewee or an actor, the person on camera needs to be relatable. When an audience connects with a personality, the magic happens.

  • Audio - The sound just has to be right. Echos, interruptions and poor music is distracting.

  • Entertainment - Communicating complex information with motion graphics, creating parodies to make a point, and beautiful imagery coupled with real narratives draw people in.   

New Jams:

  • Multiple Purposes - The same video content can be used for SO MANY THINGS these days. To name a few: presentations, commercials, emails, training, press releases, websites, and social media. To name a few social media uses: Instagram, Instagram Stories, Instagram ads, IGTV, Influencers, Facebook posts, Facebook Events, Facebook groups, Facebook cover photos, Facebook ads, YouTube, LinkedIn, and probably a new platform that just launched. Repurposing video content is an excellent way to get the best bang on a budget.

  • Conciseness - It is virtually impossible to hold attention for a full five minutes of video, unless you’re listening to Dylan’s Hurricane. People are often scrolling, clicking through with only enough time for a quick bite of entertainment, trending topics, education, or inspiration. There are tricks to keeping video short and still communicating a message such as text transitions and multiple versions.

In closing,

Your content better start swimmin'

Or you'll sink like a stone

For the times they are a-changin'.