Video, Mindfulness & International Women's Day

A few weeks ago I was on a somewhat typical video shoot, my producer brain and body moving a million miles a minute, when time seemed to pause for a fleeting moment of insight. It felt as if the universe was nudging and winking at me, saying “look around at how things fall into place when you have patience do not try to force things." That observation gave me immediate goosebumps, and a peaceful feeling that lasted the rest of the shoot.

A little background: I have been doing the video thing for six years and marketing for ten before that. I have practiced yoga for almost half my life and began to strengthen my dedication and studentship a couple years ago. I have studied storytelling, asana (yoga postures), video techniques, and meditation, but there is no amount of studying that can equate to experience.

Like so many others, I have periodically questioned my talents, felt stuck and discouraged, and longed for clarity that I assumed everyone else had. I’ve always known I was creative and capable, but was I contributing enough? Should I be hustling harder? Learning a new skill every week? What is really so unique about me? And so on, and so on.

Looking back I believe that the universe must have been teaching me some patience after a particularly weird period of time early this year. That enlightening nudge arrived on a video shoot the team was producing for my yoga teachers. I had been excited about this project, which combined two of my greatest passions, yoga and storytelling, for about a year as production had been delayed a few times for various reasons. But it dawned on me at that moment that I was DIRECTING this entire shoot, with my husband/ business partner executing MY VISION that came together with collaboration from my teachers, two FEMALES THAT I DEEPLY ADMIRE. I also realized that I was able to confidently hold space in this room from insight I had learned from training with these present teachers. Good lord, does it get better than this?

So I did two things: I maintained presence and I kept working. I was in my groove, feeling confident, not apologizing for being direct, and not needing any reassurance. I may not be able to bottle that feeling, but I can blog about it, revisit it in my head on one of those “stuck” days, and be grateful for it forever.

Thank you Lauren, Amber, and Adam. Thank you, ME. Thank you fearless females who inspire me every day. <Video to come but for more info on this magical yoga teacher training visit: >