How Much Does a Video Cost?

As much as we fantasize about limitless budgets, the reality is that costs are a top priority for clients, and therefore an absolute necessity for a production company. Potential project discussions and creative brainstorming can be so much fun, but there is always the lingering question, “can we afford this?” hanging around threatening to kill the vibe. However, with open communication from the start, we can get real about video pricing and still have all the fun.


There are a number of considerations that we take into account when estimating a project or partnership. Aside from an in depth conversation about goals, storyline and concepts, below are a few logistical discussion points that help us all to get an initial quote together.

  • Filming Locations

  • Animation Needs

  • Talent

  • Interview Driven

  • Voiceover

  • Video Length

  • Project Timeline

  • Budget

At Genius House, adaptability is our specialty. We scale up or down in crew and equipment and work with budgets of varying sizes. We understand that video content can live for years or for hours and build partnerships that allow for consistent quality digital video.