Video Marketing, Advertising + Perspective

When I mention that I work in video production, I am often asked “what kind of videos do you make… like commercials on TV?” My response is typically something along the lines of “we specialize in digital content for websites and such, with some occasional broadcast spots.” However, that response really does not do the reach justice, as our videos are distributed across a multitude of channels. I recently asked a partner for a list of ways that they use the content we produce for them. The response:

  • Social media ads as part of a paid media campaign

  • Social media content in posts, YouTube and Instagram stories

  • Billboard ads in airports, malls, train stations, etc.

  • Retail screens (both mono-brand and department stores)

  • Website (introducing the new season, explaining who we are as a brand)

  • TV broadcast commercials during sport events

  • On-site video at sport events and mall events

  • Other sponsored ads at events, for example, the large screen at the Venice Film Festival

  • Internal meetings, conferences, and sales meetings to introduce the brand to the audience

The reason I share this is not to brag about our stuff at THE VENICE FILM FESTIVAL WOW (see second to last bullet and yes I am bragging on that one), but to point out the value of the services we provide. This genius client re-purposes footage from multiple shoots and uses this to ensure that their brand is seen by the right audience on different platforms. Video shoots take place quarterly and our teams collaborate on editing to produce fresh consistent video pieces for them.

Aside from the technical shooting, editing, and animation skills we have on the Genius House team, there is a particularly valuable attribute that is often even harder to describe: creative film perspective. As a full-service production company, we bring unique video ideas to the table and we bring these concepts to fruition. Creative storytelling is possibly the most over-used buzzword in marketing and advertising right now, but there is a legitimate reason for that. By nature, humans connect with story, but using video to bring a story to life requires experience and vision, to first conceive and then execute. I am amazed by how our creative direction has sharpened over the years, through our own experience, deep research, constant learning and refining, and expanding imagination.

We know that continuous high quality content is important, but creative is what stands out. Our clients and partners trust in us for both and we will continue to grow in our vision and delivery.