Six Years of GHM: Looking Back & Ahead (Also a Favor From You)

A Brief History of the Genius House Launch

August 6th 2013 is the day we launched Genius House. We took the full plunge, moving into an office space while making nerve wracking Canon and Apple purchases with just two solid video production clients. Six years later we have worked with hundreds of clients, partners and collaborators, on probably thousands of videos, refined shooting and editing techniques, invested in more gear and talent, and found efficiencies that allow us to produce video content faster and better. All that bragging aside, we are still the same humble and hungry team. We are grateful for past opportunities and enthusiastic for future work.

What’s Next?

We want more! More challenges, more travel, more creative collaboration, more partners that become friends, more cutting-edge work, more touching stories. We have identified a sweet spot that allows us to remain small, scale up when needed, simplify when possible, produce high quality content, edit efficiently and have fun while doing so. We don’t plan to change, but we are still evolving and always forward-thinking. It doesn’t make sense to grow just for growth’s sake, but we value loyalty and will continue to make Genius House an awesome company to work with, and to work for. This is an important time of revitalizing and evaluating new risks as we look ahead and set goals for our 10 year anniversary.

Will YOU be a Part of GHM?

If you are reading this, you are likely a friend, a client or someone who gives AF about what we’re up to. Thank you for caring - that is a true gift. We also invite you to take a 60 second look at our updated reel below. If you’d like to also be an advocate, a review would be amazing, or a note to is welcome and genuinely appreciated. Give us some feedback or just say hi, who cares, whatever. If you do nothing but read this blog post, we still owe you a true thank you - you made it all the way to the end.