Full Service Production *or* Simple Shoot & Edit



In today’s media rich online landscape, videos are constantly being produced and consumed, some having much longer shelf lives than others. Video projects can range from a quick and simple shoot and edit to multiple days and deliverables, with goals and audiences differing widely. If you have ever been the lead on video production for your company, you may be familiar with these sentiments:


You have discussed video with your team but are too busy to commit the time to the project.

You know exactly the video you envision and how you will use it, but you’re not sure who to trust as a production team.

You have multiple video needs and have no idea how to prioritize or budget for them.

Your executives want digital video content, but they don’t really know why or what it takes to execute on this project.

Clients approach us all the time with many different scenarios and we are always happy to discuss the options, share our knowledge and build an approach around their specific needs. How a video will be used and where it will live (online advertisement? a tv commercial? social media?) are important considerations and something we always go over in the discovery phase. For example, an “About Us” video will often be used on a website for a year or more, while organic social media content may get views for 72 hours. Informational and on-boarding employee videos can live for years with minor updates made as needed. Broadcast commercial rights and placement can be costly, so they are innately high value, and product or testimonial videos are used for multiple sales purposes such as trade shows and presentations with a highly engaged audience. As a primarily digital video production company, we understand these factors and have structured our business with a nimble approach.

While professional videography is a given, our services can range from simply filming and editing as needed, or providing full creative services, such as concept / script writing, storyboarding, sourcing locations and talent, and a start to finish video execution. Most often our productions are a collaboration between the Genius House team and the client team. We are proud to be a full service creative video production house, and also just as proud to deliver consistent, quality and quick turnaround video content.