What Kind of Video is Right for My Company?


Having videos produced is top on the marketing strategy “to do” list for companies poised for growth in 2019. There are countless reasons to consider building your video content library. Social networks rank video high in algorithms, users spend more time on websites with videos, and the robust medium helps communicate messages more efficiently than text, graphics and photos. If you’re new to video, but ready to jump on board, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with the different kinds of video formats and styles. Here’s a quick overview that can help you make a decision on which kind of video content is best for your needs.

Brand-building? Choose Aspirational.

A video that highlights your vision for your company, product or brand is right if you’re new to an industry and want to establish yourself. Taking an aspirational angle of what you can - and will - become will bring your viewers into the fold.

Product-focused? Highlight Key Features.

If you’re looking to drive sales and highlight specific products for a marketing campaign, naturally, a product-focused video makes sense. This kind of video is less reliant on your company’s brand, and more reliant on key selling points of your product. You’ll want to capture high-quality footage of your product to make sure that it’s portrayed in its best light.

Showing off Culture? Share Faces and Personality.

Brands and companies that plan to use their video to recruit employees or otherwise highlight a unique corporate culture can make a people-focused, “who we are” video. Often featuring on-location footage of your office and workers, this video shows outsiders what your company stands for.

Not Much Footage? Consider Motion Graphics.

Motion graphics video is ideal for informational content, succinctly explaining a complicated concept, or when it’s difficult to get filmed footage of the desired subject. Taking an animated approach can also add a light-hearted attitude to the piece, if that’s something that aligns with your brand.

Different types of video require different types of expertise and skills. Fortunately we have a multi-talented team under one roof. Give us a ring and lets talk about what kind of video is best for your objective.