How Many Words Should Be In A Video Script - Commercial Script Writing

It is important that script writing occurs in the pre-production stage of creating a video. Establishing and finalizing the script is part of step one in the process because it sets the stage (no pun intended) for what will be on screen. Making sure the voiceover matches with the images captured is vital to communicating a video message.

Whether it is a motion graphics explainer style video or a narrated video with filmed activity and b-roll, the script is essential to kicking off the project. One of the first questions to ask is how long you would like the video to be? Often times in social video, shorter is better, with the goal being to keep the viewer watching until the end.

Here is a guideline so you can choose how many words in a script will equal how many minutes a video will be.

Word Count to Video Duration

75 words = 30 seconds

150 words = 60 seconds (1 minute)

225 words = 90 seconds (1.5 minutes)

300 words = 120 seconds (2 minutes)

375 words = 150 seconds (2.5 minutes)

450 words = 180 seconds (3 minutes)

Determining how long you want your video to be first, then writing a script with the knowledge of how many words to include will help to make this process more smooth. At Genius House, we understand the challenges that come with script writing and offer writing and editing in our pre-production services.