Motion Graphics Or Video Shoot - Which One Is Right For You

You’ve done the research, so you know that online video is the sh*t right now for marketing. You already know that over 100 million people watch video each day, many of whom are looking to buy a product. And you know that 50% of video ad viewers will take some sort of action, whether it’s clicking on a website, contacting the company or purchasing the featured product. You know these things, so you don’t need to be convinced that video is essential to your digital marketing strategy. But you do need to decide what kind of video is right for you, your company, and your budget.

We produce numerous types of videos, but they all fall into either a graphics video or a filmed video. Actually, sometimes they have both elements and turn out really cool. But anyway, here are a few factors in deciding which one will work best for your project:

If you answer yes to these, you will likely need a Motion Graphics Video

  • Is the topic complex?
  • Are you looking to highlight technical features of a product?
  • Is this something you would likely need to draw to explain to someone?
  • Would you consider the video to be instructional or educational?
  • Would you prefer not to use actors or people in the video?

If you answer yes to these, you will likely need a Video Shoot

  • Do you have a story to tell?
  • Does your company have a spokesperson that would do well in front of a camera and benefit from exposure?
  • Would you like your video to evoke emotion?
  • Would it be beneficial to have a relatable personality featured?
  • Do you have a location or environment that you want to showcase?

And of course you are wondering…. which one costs more?

This is tough to answer, as motion graphics videos can range in complexity and length, and live video shoots can range from a half-day to several days plus the editing required. However, we would be happy to arrange a consultation to discuss these options and how to make them work with your budget. Email colleen(at) to set one up! She will provide, coffee, beer, or whatever your poison. Unless it’s actual poison.

The point is, we just released our motion graphics reel and you should watch it: