How To Create & Utilize Visual Content - Video Content Strategy

How do I tell my brand’s story? How do I get increase ROI and exposure of an event? How do I spread the word about what my business does? What kind of content captivates an audience? Does my digital presence actually convert to sales?… Here are some answers to those questions, using video, photos and social media to generate awareness and increase the life of your content:

Take pictures. Craft clever captions. Instagram the most compelling photos. Use event hashtags and link to Twitter. Shoot video. Post 6 second clip to Vine. Same day edit. Post one minute re-cap clip to YouTube. Include keywords, use an interesting thumbnail. Share it on Facebook. Follow and connect with others using event hashtags.

Upload additional photos to Pinterest/ Tumblr/ Flickr/ Facebook album. Edit polished 90 second video with interviews, B-roll, and music. Add graphics. Upload to YouTube. Include transcript. Email to exclusive blogger list. Is there a news angle? Email to media contacts.

Tag people/ brands/ organizations that appear/ would be interested in video and share on Twitter. Post images and videos on other Facebook business pages. Ask engaging questions, spark conversation, build relationships.

Write blog post, using photos and video to illustrate. Blog post should inform and/ or entertain readers about topic, provide SEO benefits and position yourself as an expert/ thought leader/ entertainment source. Share blog post on social platforms. Submit blogs to publications who are also looking for compelling visual and video content. Invite employees and advocates to share any and all content.

Review YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and website analytics. Find out which content is most effective. Learn. Repeat.

All of this ↑  is exactly what this ↓ team does best.