Social Media Is For Humans, Not Advertisements - Social Media Strategy

Social content is my specialty. Crafting messages that are clever, helpful, and engaging is how I tell a brand’s story. The authentic personalities and core values behind a brand are what makes the story intriguing. But the most important important part of the story is the people/ audience/ consumers/ humans.

What I mean by social content is that it’s personal. Like talking to a person who is not constantly trying to sell you something. A person that is social and likeable. There are way too many businesses out there that primarily use social platforms for advertising. While there are appropriate opportunities for this, people want to interact with a person. Obviously you have a product to sell, but you have to get people to like you, listen to you, and hopefully interact with  you first. The fun part is finding those creative ways to subtly talk about your product. Sometimes it’s enticing people with useful information and sometimes it’s making someone laugh. Social media is a great place to experiment and see what works.

So what does all that actually mean in practice? It means creating clever scheduled and real-time content, framing it for different platforms, posting at the right time, designing shareable images, continuous keyword monitoring, building relationships with influencers, and much more.

Let me be human for a little bit. Over here at Genius House, we have been focusing a lot of effort on video production. And we’re pretty damn good at that. But there’s a human behind this computer who’s passion is communication. Specifically social content. And I want to help a brand do this well at this. What I am saying is I need a social media client. See look I’m human. Putting on lip gloss just like you.