Practice What You Preach, New Parents & Business Owners

Things are coming together at Genius House Media as we strive for perfection for our new clients and search for ways to do even better. Like all new parents, we are anxious, beyond excited and continuously learning every day. Might I add that this a great time to be a Genius House client?

My most recent and important lesson is the old “practice what you preach.”  Last week I had just started reading “True Story: How to Combine Story and Action to Transform Your Business” by Ty Montague and was working with a client on delving into the critical question: who are you. I was digging to find out, other than the product, what is their unique story. After an intense hour of questions and discussion, we were getting there, though I knew it was an ongoing process.

Later that same day, I was daydreaming about attending Social Media Today’s big conference, the Social Shake-up and after a haphazard tweet about it, found myself in a Twitter and then email discussion with Robin Carey, the CEO of Social Media Today. I was thrilled to answer her question about why Genius House Media should be considered to receive a complimentary pass. Thinking I was a genius, I pitched the idea of covering the event from a start-up perspective, with video testimonials, tweets, blog posts, guest posts on SMT, and a post-event report including metrics that demonstrated how our network had grown as a result of attending.

It turned out that what she wanted to hear was what exactly made us different. Instead of giving her our story, I was offering our product: content marketing. Classic new parenting fail: not practicing what I had literally JUST preached.

So now I am inspired to continue reading and learning from this actual genius, Ty Montague, and weaving his philosophies into our own business. What is our metastory? Not just the story we are telling, but what is the story we are doing? More on this topic later.