Stand The F Out But Don't Try Too Hard - Social Media Strategy

You go to a conference/ charity dinner/ networking event/ work happy hour/ whatever…  any event where there are people you don’t necessarily know but are forced to hang out with. Here are your socializing choices: The uptight boring chick who doesn’t offer much other than regurgitating typical chit chat about the weather. Or the slick over-confident guy who interrupts conversations to brag and debate about things he is always right about. But thank god you sometimes come across a stranger that balances things out. He/ she is talkative but not boastful, helpful but authentic, hilarious but respectful, professional but laid back. He/ she is out of the ordinary and embraces it. Everyone is able to connect with that person, enjoys being around that person, and probably never forgets that person.

Now imagine that personality as a brand. That brand does not even try to advertise or self-promote and it has an identity other than it’s product. It has character that you trust because it knows how to fascinate you and make you laugh without trying too hard. It’s Yeti Coolers, Fast Company, Toms shoes. Obviously, these particular brands have sexy in their DNA. They were created with emotion, innovation, philanthropy, and a love of the outdoors. But they also have to maintain a nonchalant cool reputation. They have to tell their story without trying too hard.

That’s where a well thought out online brand persona and strategy can shape, polish, maintain and market a brand. The beautiful thing is that developing this strategy can actually improve a culture from the inside out. People no longer automatically buy the picture that a brand paints of itself. Consumers are too smart for that. Today, embracing personality, authenticity and exposing behind the scenes is the best way for a brand to build trust and relationships. And truly being that brand with a personality that people want to be around are the ones that are re-tweeted, liked on Facebook, and have their videos consumed and shared. Again, people don’t forget the personality that they have connected with and enjoy being around.

With the right social video campaign and strategy, brands have the opportunity to tell their story in a nonchalant authentic and cool way. With the wrong presence, they are probably unnoticed or clearly trying too hard. And some just don’t bother to show up.

Here’s an example of beautiful storytelling through video.