Updated Video Analytics - Measuring Video ROI

I am writing this on Saturday night and the Genius House Media official launch is Monday. It feels like the perfect time to chronicle the thoughts of an almost entrepreneur. Or is it the wine? You decide:

  • It sucks that we’ve been working all weekend and I also love it. That’s confusing.
  • I don’t like the phrase “launch” so I went with this on Twitter. Hope that’s not confusing:
  • I have to confess I am overly excited about the wrong things like decorating and furnishing the office, my new MacBook and laptop bag.
  • We are looking for a pro-boner client that will allow Genius House to create and execute a social media campaign that involves heavy video content for their brand. The ideal client would need to embrace an unconventional strategy and unique content. And would laugh at my pro-bono typo.

Yep, I think it’s the wine, a.k.a. truth juice.