When is Video Necessary?

Video has become the leading format for social content consumption, but production is sometimes a major undertaking on a very long to-do list for marketers and business leaders. The time and cash needed up front may seem overwhelming while the benefits are not always 100% clear. With a solid strategy and streamlined approach, video can be a part of your content marketing plan with measurable results. Here are a few considerations for busy professionals looking to take the leap.

When planning out a content calendar, identify the goals and objectives that would be best communicated through film or animated graphics. Budgeting for these objectives and partnering with a team that understands your goals are step #1.

While every brand’s goals are different, the fact remains that a lot can be done with a little video. Prepare videos with the purpose of splicing them up. For example, if you want to highlight the launch of a new product, spend one day shooting different scenarios with a cohesive theme. This material can be spread out and repurposed over time across social media. By creating videos with this strategy in mind, content will be steady and fresh.

Optimizing campaigns for your company to achieve goals is important, but video can also help build and maintain a brand’s overall voice. At the end of the day, social media is about being in the moment so it’s important to mix in timely organic video with higher production content. Live video with a confident and engaging narrator is one simple way to be in the moment. You can also experiment clipping together pictures and videos, sharing boomerangs, and trying out viral trends, the list just goes on.  

If your company has a product launch, milestone, or vital information to communicate, a professionally produced video is a wise decision. But don’t be afraid to experiment with supplementary videos in house.