What I Have Learned About Business Ownership in Five Years

We recently celebrated five years since the launch of our video production company here in Fort Worth and it got me all reflective. Here’s a quick rundown of my Entrepreneur.com pitch.

  1. Good humor is an asset to business. Video shoots can be exhausting, deadlines can be stressful, but laughter can rejuvenate your mind and entire team in a matter of minutes.

  2. Everything takes longer than you think. Whether it’s a brief interview or a short blog post, we have learned to expect that the words “brief” and “short” are relative and sometimes complete BS.

  3. Working with your spouse is the best and worst. Adam and I often get the question “how can you possibly handle being married to your business partner?” Understandably, it may not be for everyone, but it’s hard to imagine doing this thing without one another. The travel, friendships made, creative work, and new business celebrations together feel like a dream come true. At the same time, frustrating days in the office, constant fear of failure, and unexpected project demands can feel like living a nightmare together. I guess this is what they mean by “balance.”

  4. Being a good human is good. Living, working and acting with integrity is not only the right thing to do, but it makes you feel good, and attracts good people. Genius House employees, clients, partners, and friends are good humans and we would not have it any other way.

  5. Intuition. Listen to it, even in business. But also make projections based on data, industry trends and seasoned advisers. Again, balance.